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from the herbal bitter to the cocktail. 

Our Böttger-Bitter is not just a traditional short. It also offers all sorts of modern options: You can enjoy it in a long drink, in a cocktail or as a warm shot. Take a look around – we have something for every taste.

Böttger-Bitter Classic

It is the genuine herbal schnapps, our golden-yellow classic that warms the hearts and souls of connoisseurs with its natural flavours and delicately sweetened with sugar syrup that’s produced in-house.

Available as: 30 ml, 350 ml, 700 ml

Herbal bitter | 43% abv

Böttger’s BÄM!

Named after a beer garden in Schleiz, the “BÄM!”, this cocktail is our latest creation. With its fruity and fresh flavours and the ginger and bitter notes of the Böttger-Bitter Classic, this cocktail lends a summery feel to every evening.

2 parts Böttger-Bitter Classic
5 parts mango and passion fruit juice
5 parts ginger ale

Cocktail | Serve with a slice of orange & ice. 

Böttger-Bitter Zuckerfrei

The one without sugar is made for connoisseurs, aficionados and purists. Unadulterated and totally pure – without added sugar – the unmistakable character of the medicinal herbs and roots comes into its own here.

Available as: 30 ml, 350 ml, 700 ml

Herbal bitter | 43% abv

Böttger-Bitter Minz

The Böttger-Bitter Minz is the drink of choice for connoisseurs who like it a bit more gentle. It radiates lightness with its fresh spicy notes of aromatic peppermint and a mere 35% abv.

Available as: 30 ml, 350 ml, 700 ml.

Herbal bitter | 35% abv

Böttger‘s Delight

Böttger’s Delight is a fresh and light cocktail for mild summer nights. It is reminiscent of a great gin and tonic or a mellow Campari with orange. And of course it comes mixed with our Böttger-Bitter Classic. Many thanks to Ingrid, Birgit, Vera, Owe, Jochim and Gerold for selflessly testing the creation.

2 parts Böttger-Bitter Classic
1.5 part lemon juice
5 parts cranberry juice
5 parts wild berry lemonade or bitter tonic

Cocktail | Serve with a slice of lemon & ice.

Heißer Apotheker

For the chilly months of the year, together with Patisserie Bergmann we created our warm shots that are best drunk by the fireplace: fruity, spicy, Christmassy. With warm apple juice, cinnamon and our Böttger-Bitter Classic.

1 part Böttger-Bitter Classic
3 parts hot apple juice

Shot | Top with whipped cream and cinnamon.

BöBi nach 8

This warm short has something British about it: it’s a combination of chocolate, cream and mint. Just like the British, our “BöBi nach 8” with Böttger-Bitter Minz is classic and sophisticated. Cheers, ladies and gents.

1 part Böttger-Bitter Minz
3 parts hot chocolate

Shot | Top with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

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